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"Does anyone have any concerns they would like addressed before I sign the contract?” This question signals openness and encourages the kind of honesty that is crucial to collaboration."

Want Teamwork? Encourage Free Speech - NYTimes.com

"Although collaboration — or “laboring together” (collaborare in Latin) — isn’t easy, it becomes easier the more we welcome differences and even conflict in service of a larger whole. The results are higher trust, increased productivity and rich creativity."

Want Teamwork? Encourage Free Speech - NYTimes.com

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"Ideas like choosing, embracing, and filling (completely filling the space that you are choosing); these are not common to everyone. Most people are not fully embracing the decisions they make in their lives or the way that they’re living their lives. They’re in their past, in the future; they’re bouncing around; they’re in their memories; in their hopes and desires. They are pretending to be innocent, are asleep or living out of habit. People make choices and they don’t stand in the middle of them, they stand off to the side."

The Nature and Practice of Intention - Part 2 - Ideas to Ponder and Practice

The flip side of attraction is repulsion.

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The Art of Hosting - A Pattern Map Example (by GroupWorksDeck)